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Parenthoods is a local community where parents relate with each other beyond the highlight reels of smiling kids at birthday parties. This isn’t a place to give updates on how your little ones are doing, or to paint that perfect picture. It’s where parents come for real talk. It’s the place to share your wins and misses, and to get advice. There is no perfect parent. And that’s okay.

Because it’s a work in progress, we’re only available on iPhone (Android soon) and in San Francisco. Check it out and share your feedback. We’re building this for you. Come get your parent on with us!

About Us


We’re Siobhan Quinn and Jeni Axline. We’ve been friends since meeting freshman year at the University of Washington. Siobhan was a Product Manager and Software Engineer at Google working on Blogger and then became the first Product Manager at Foursquare. Jeni was working her way through the ranks of Say Media to become Director of Production.

After Jeni had her baby and left Say Media, Siobhan came to visit one day, having similarly decided to leave her company. We were both in pivotal moments in our lives and Parenthoods was born from our visions for a better options for parents. We’ve built this for us, our friends and you.

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