This Weekend’s Activities in the Bay Area


While most of us are 49ers fans, there are a couple people in the Parenthoods community who show share their allegiance with both the 49ers and the Seahawks, hint hint. Check out this weekend’s family friendly events for the football and non-football lovers.

Family Friendly Super Bowl Party

Second Act is hosting a Family Friendly Super Bowl Party in the Haight. Watch the game with fellow parents this Sunday at 3:30pm while enjoying some raw juice, piroshkis, Burmese food, crepes and soft service ice cream. Top that off with beer and wine from Magnolia, plus plenty of space for the kids to run around, and we’ve got ourselves a party!

Saturdays Unplugged at the JCCSF

Live music, family Olympics, s’mores, and more! This Saturday come to the JCCSF for a seriously screen-free winter day camp designed to inspire memories of summer camp. This is your chance to unplug and get creative with campfire songs and story time. Camp counselors (adults) will want to stick around for happy hour to enjoy some nature inspired cocktails while the kiddos get s’mores. The fun starts at 3:00pm and is free for all ages.

Story Time and Family Walk at the SF Botanical Garden

Join the Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture this Sunday for story time and a tour. The library has a great collection of children’s books on plants, general science, natural history, and nature-related myths and stories. This week, the book being read will be on a Blooms and Branches theme. Suitable for children ages 4-8, the story time event takes place at 10:30am and lasts for about 30 minutes. After story time, join in the tour leaving the Library at 11:00am to visit the beautiful garden. Bringing a lunch to enjoy in the garden is certainly encouraged.

Creative Family Fun: Morse Code Messages

This weekend, bring the kiddos to something unique at the Presidio Officers’ Club. Learn the communication method known as Morse code that the Army used during the 1906 earthquake. Participants will learn about Morse code and local history while making Morse code jewelry. You can attend either Saturday or Sunday from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Doorman Gives An Exclusive Offer To Hooders

Parenthoods_Doorman Package Delivery PNG

Division of Labor

Little Girl Washing Dishes

There are lots of negotiations in marriage. How to raise the children. When to refinance. Allowing him to fart on the couch because he’s giving you a foot massage. But one of the bigger negotiations is the division of labor. It’s the who-does-what in the many chores around childcare and house management.

A couple of factors will impact your arrangement. Perhaps you both work and split the labor 50/50. Perhaps one of you is earning money and the other one stays home to care for the kids and the home. Whatever your situation, you’ve no doubt worked it out with your other half and everyone knows what’s on their to do list.

Of course there are the occasional moments where things don’t get done. She didn’t get dinner done because work ran late. And by late, I mean she got sidetracked at the Macy’s makeup counter on the way home deciding between the wrinkle eraser and the lip plumper. He didn’t pick up the kids on time because he was stuck under a large piece of furniture. But what if your partner often doesn’t take care of their to do’s?

Motivational tips for dealing with partners who drop the ball:

Do The Mature Thing. Talk with your partner. Review the agreed upon division of labor. Remind them that you need their help. Identify the roadblocks they are having. Then pat yourself on the back since your $250/hour therapy sessions really did give you good talking points for conflict!

Try Team Building. Remember when you worked for ThatOneCompany and every year they let you outside to run obstacle courses with your colleagues, helping each other along the way? Help your spouse to remember their to do’s and ask them to help you remember yours. You can even help each other out once in awhile. Team building. ‘Murica!

When All Else Fails. Try the passive-aggressive route. This is only recommended if you were wearing rose-colored glasses while dating and ended up marrying a selfish, lazy person. You are doing all the work anyway so why not have fun with it? Spouse’s turn to cook dinner but they blew it off and stayed out late? Go ahead, cook dinner for them. Just make sure you add their allergens to the dinner so they can’t actually eat any of it when they get home. Disagree with this approach? Pfft. This is the When All Else Fails section, not the Do The Mature Thing Section.

Be Gwyneth Paltrow. Be birthed by Blythe Danner. Grow up into a thin, beautiful, wealthy, socialite-y gal who runs lifestyle blogs that annoy anyone who is not in the 1%. Marry a rockstar so that your combined income means you can hire staff. Be so wealthy that when you pretentiously announce your conscious uncoupling, you can still afford the staff. Boom. No division of labor needed!


Guest Blogger Heidi Oelman thinks her to do list is better tackled with Jimmy Buffett playing on the iTunes speaker, the furnace set to 71 degrees and a margarita in hand. Who says you can’t clean a house in a sundress while getting a buzz on a winter day?

This Weekend’s Activities in the Bay Area

four brothers goofing around dancing on a bench

From live music to getting fit, this weekend is sure to be filled with some rockin’ good times.

The Butterfly Joint “Final Push” Party and Raffle

The up and coming woodworking and design studio for kids is holding their final fundraiser this Saturday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. The Butterfly Joint is almost a reality, but they need your help for their fundraiser push. Snacks from Pinkie’s Bakery will keep you well sugared and energized so you can rock out to the kids band, The Out of Controllers. The whole family can get crafty with Yellow Owl Workshop, and don’t forget to enter to win prizes in a raffle. If you can’t make it this weekend, you can still donate to the cause.

The Bobs

The Bay Area kid’s band, The Bobs, are back this weekend for a dynamic dose of audience participation, singing, and giggling. Dubbed as the band without instruments, The Bobs collaborate this Saturday with the SF Chamber Orchestra to bring music and silliness to all ages this Saturday at 2:00pm.

Sunshine FIT Bootcamp: Parents & Babies

This Saturday from 10:00am to 10:45am pre-mobile babies are welcome in a stroller or carrier to Sunshine FIT Boot Camp. Regularly $10, show your Parenthoods app and the class is only $9. RSVP and meet near the statue of the man at Fort Mason.

SF’s Kid-Friendly Workout Joints

It’s a new year and many parents are looking to shed those holiday lbs. Parenthoods has come up with a list of places and classes where either the little one can participate or where there’s child care!

It’s Yoga, Kids

It’s Yoga, Kids boasts being the only yoga studio in San Francisco created to serve the needs of children and families. There are daily classes, but if your schedule conflicts, you can create a private group series.

Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp is an interactive stroller fitness program to help moms regain their pre-baby shape and fitness levels.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow’s 640 sq. ft. child care space includes singing, dancing, reading, and age-appropriate bikes. Yoga Flow encourages you to bring your child in and play for your first visit. Child care is only available at the Ocean Ave Yoga Flow.

Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School

Shan-Yee Poon offers ballet classes for both babes and parents where you can explore the ballet world including movement, musicality, class etiquette and socialization skills. Classes include Toddler and Me for the littlest ones, and other programs like jazz, tap, and hip hop for older kids and teens.

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

If you happen to be attending a theatrical performance, getting a spa treatment, or participating in any other JCCSF activities, child care is offered for both members and non-members. If you are using the fitness center on a regular basis, be sure to take advantage of the reservation-based programs offered. Programs include active and imaginary playtime with certified pediatric CPR staff members. Rates and hours vary depending on membership, with a max of two hours a day.

Yoga Tree

The Yoga Tree boasts the most comprehensive prenatal and postnatal yoga for moms in San Francisco. Both classes offered are meant for all experience levels so don’t worry about being inexperienced. Mom and baby yoga classes are offered for the pre-crawlers, some classes taught by Jane Austin of Jane Austin Yoga.

Jane Austin Yoga

Jane Austin is a mom who is passionate about working with prenatal and postnatal mothers. In addition to yoga classes, Jane Austin offers events like retreats and a labyrinth walk for expecting moms.

The Dailey Method

The Mission Castro Dailey Method offers child care while you work out. Child care is offered at 8:30am and 9:45am every day for $6 a child.


If you are into spin classes, CardioTone on Church Street offers child care and babysitting for one hour while you use the facilities. A reservation is required and can be made online. The CardioTone on Church also offers Mommy Yoga where pre-crawlers are welcome.


The YMCA offers safe, fun, and stimulating full-day and partial-day child care for infants through preschoolers. For kindergarteners through middle-schoolers, the Y offers a variety of activities to explore and develop their interests and talents. And many Y’s offer free drop-in child care called ChildWatch while parents make use of the other facilities.

Local YMCA’s with Child Care include:

Richmond District






This Weekend’s Activities in the Bay Area


This weekend offers plenty of activities to shake off the cold and get the family moving!

25th Anniversary of the Sea Lions’ Arrival

This January marks the 25th anniversary of our favorite sea lions’ arrival to Pier 39. The sea lions started to appear after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. The pier’s K-Dock provides a perfect environment for the mammals because there is plenty of food nearby and the docks protect them from predators. From January 16th to the 19th, Pier 39 celebrates these playful barkers with walking tours, refreshments, and special discounts. Free tours depart daily at 11am, and every hour after that until 4pm. Don’t forget to check out the Sea Lion Webcam to see what they are up to at any time.

Bang on a Pan

This Saturday the whole family can meet three of the SF Chamber Orchestra’s top percussionists. Your kids will be introduced to bass drums, cymbals, and thunder sheets. They will learn all about percussion instruments and your house will never be quiet again. Join the orchestra at 2:00pm, 2:45pm, and 3:30pm at the Calvary Presbyterian Church.

Free Children’s Yoga Class at the Hyatt

Join Tahoe-based instructor and mom Naomi Friedus at The Hyatt for children’s yoga. Naomi introduces the littles to yoga by combining the mind, body, and spirit through animal asana, music, and relaxation. The half hour yoga session starts at 11:00 am on Saturday.

Community Class for Kids: Next Generation Yoga Reaches Out

Kids of all ages can join Next Generation Yoga Founde Jodi Komitor and award-winning trainer Aaron Ableman of Pacha’s Pajamas for a musical yoga adventure. This one-hour yoga session starts Sunday at 11:00am and includes playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises, and imaginative relaxation techniques, all with live music. The class is offered to raise awareness for the Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area Yogathon being held on March 7th. The Yogathon is a yoga and music event for adults to raise money for children at UCSF Benioff, Oakland Children’s Hospital, and Off the Mat Into the World.


Parent Hygiene 101

It was about six weeks into being home with baby #1 when my husband came home, leaned in to give me a kiss and then quickly backed away. I believe he said “Hmmm, if I didn’t know better, I’d ask how your camping trip went. Take a shower, will ya?”

It happened. The slipping away of personal hygiene. I was a stay-at-home mom who flew solo most of the day, and the first thing to go was my daily shower. Initially, I disgusted even myself but alas, I soon discovered the upsides to bad hygiene. My expensive shampoo lasted four times as long. My water bill was cut in half. I had an extra half hour to take a Pinterest spin. And I had a built in excuse to be anti-social… I mean, who wants to hang out when you smell like a truck stop?

After those first few months, when sleep started to return to my life, the elusive shower also started to return. And at this time, I ran into something that no one ever writes about in all those baby books… how do you take a shower with little people around?

Here are a few tips to get you back in the hygiene game:

  • If you have a tiny baby, put baby in the baby bucket and park them in the bathroom near the shower so you can see each other. The sound of water is soothing and the steam will make their hair curly and cute.

  • If you have a toddler, you can always bathe with them. Or simply wait until they are in their crib/bed asleep and take your showers at night.

  • With either babies or toddlers, you could treat hygiene like a deconstructed meal at a fancy restaurant. Wash your hair in the kitchen sink in the morning. Shave your legs in the bathtub during naptime. Take a one minute shower to wash the important parts in the evening.

Now, if you have a preschooler, it will be time to determine your Family Nudity Policy.

  • Will you be The Loincloths who always cover it up?

  • Will you be The Nature’s Canvas’ who let it all hang out?

  • Or will you be The Jennifer Anistons who generally keep it covered but don’t sweat it if it’s not?

Because like a moth to a flame, so are preschoolers to the bathroom while you shower. This is a good time to relax your position on screen time if you need privacy. Dora The Explorer will be your hygiene friend.


Guest Blogger Heidi Oelman misses her expensive shampoo. It was used to make a potion in the backyard. And to add bubbles to the hot tub.

This Weekend’s Activities in the Bay Area

The weekend is approaching fast and we have some fun and free events to keep you entertained, moving, and dirty!

2015 Hungarian Dance Class Day & Live Music: Táncház

This Saturday, January 10th, bring the whole family to learn Táncház, the Hungarian and Transylvanian tradition involving dancing to live folk music. This annual event includes dance performances, children and adult workshops, traditional Hungarian food and drink, a mini-concert, and of course, Táncház. Come during the day to learn the traditional dances, then show off your kiddo’s moves at night.  The children’s workshop begins at 3:00pm and Táncház begins at 8:00pm.

$1 Book Sale

Head to the Book Donation Center this Saturday, January 10th from 10:00am to 2:00pm in the Mission to stock up on books for the little ones. All books are $1 or less. You can also donate old books while you’re there!

Golden Gate Park Sunday Roller Disco Party

Break out those dusty skates, and roll on down to the Roller Disco Party that takes place on Sundays from 12:00pm to 5:00pm. The Godfather of skate is always equipped with a mobile DJ unit, so you and your groovin’ whippersnappers can skate to some fun jams while getting in some great exercise.

Family Travel: The Good, The Bad, The Intolerant

Waiting for Daddy

I was one of The Intolerant. You’ve seen them. They hang out in places like airplanes and coffee shops. They don’t have kids and they make special facial expressions in your presence. They would rather lick razor blades than be near a family. Because I was one of them during my pre-kid days, I was served a big, karmic s&*t sandwich when I had two kids under two and had to fly east to visit my folks. Far east. Twice a year.

To say the initial trips were unpleasant would be an understatement. I had your garden variety – baby screaming the full five hours, the toddler diaper poop explosion, the flight attendant who actually asked me if I could do a better job of picking up the goldfish crackers off the floor, and my favorite… The Intolerant seat neighbors with their judgy eyes and snarky under-the-breath comments.

After a few of these, I decided my best defense was expert preparation and giving myself permission to travel with loud, diaper-crapping children and not caring if it offended people. Below are a few prep and traveling tips for those with kids infant to three:

Book the middle seat and window. You will have more concealment for nursing and the toddler can be contained in the window seat. One exception – some airlines will reserve the middle seat if they know that you are flying with a lap infant. In this case, book the window and aisle seat. If the plane fills up, offer the aisle to the saint sitting next to you.

Sit in the back of the plane. The engine loudness will cover some of the kid noise and you’ll be near a bathroom.

Wear slip on shoes. Shoelaces require fine motor skills and who wants to untie them while holding a baby on one hip, toddler in the other hand and disassembling your stroller at the security line.

Sling up during cattle call. While in line leading up to the security conveyor belt, pull baby out of stroller and put baby into a sling. This will make managing the conveyor belt much easier. Also, make eye contact! Other parents with older kids will always step up to help you.

Manage the Security line. When putting all your kid gear on the security belt, wear baby and/or place toddler behind you. Then start big to small. Collapse stroller and put onto belt, put car seat onto belt, then shoes, bag, etc. On the other end, assemble big to small so you can quickly put baby back in stroller then collect your things.

Pack shiny objects. Bring new shiny object for the kids. A shiny object can be smelly stickers or new iPad game. It just needs to be a brand new, age appropriate thing for exploring on the plane. Same for new snacks. Incentivize good behavior with new items.

Make a leg table. If the bathroom is tiny and doesn’t have a changing table: put the toilet lid down and sit on it. Extend your legs and lock feet on the door. Lay changing mat on legs. Lay baby on your leg table, change diaper and boom! Clean buns. FYI, you will need core muscles for this.

What-ev. Forget about the new trend of giving The Intolerant some goody bags to make it better for them. If they want to avoid families, they should fly first class. Or fly Virgin America to Las Vegas.

When you reach your destination, have a big glass of wine and pat yourself on the back. You are a travel ninja.


Guest Blogger Heidi Oelman used to board the plane with the baby and toddler and make a game of taunting The Intolerant by acting like she was going to sit in their row every 5 rows or so on her way back to sit near the engine. Because comedy.



This Weekend’s Activities in the Bay Area

Happy New Year! If you 2015 resolutions include getting out more, being craftier, or just enjoying more time with the family, we have compiled some great events to help kick off the new year right.

Free Museum Day – Asian Art Museum

This Sunday, June 4th is Free Museum Day at the Asian Art Museum. The day will be filled with events for all ages including storytelling and art making activities. View the schedule for specific activity times. Doors open at 10am and close at 5pm.

Family Storytime – Spanish & English

Head to the SF Library in the Mission for stories, songs, fingerplay, and rhymes – both in Spanish and English. The fun starts on Saturday, June 3rd at 11:00am and goes until 12:30pm.

Family Hike: Ring in the New Year

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, join this 0.7-mile family hike on the Presidio’s Batteries to Bluffs trail. This hike includes stairs, and because it is rated moderate to difficult, is probably better suited for the older kids. The hike starts on Saturday at 4:00pm and goes until 5:30pm. No pets are allowed, and reservations are required.

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